Computer Science Department, University of Oxford

  • Probabilistic Model Checking, 2021-present
    • Master level course on model checking for Markov Decision Processes. Students learn PCTL and CSL model checking of discrete- and continuous-time Markov chains, respectively.
    • Students feedback: ‘‘Always prepared; Punctual; Knowledgeable about everything; Explains questions on assignments very well; Patient on answering all questions’’; ‘‘It is clear that he had a very good understanding of the material and also a very strong intuition regarding potential issues we may have. He provided alternative solutions and interpretations for most problems and really enhanced our understanding of the material.’’

Engineering Science Department, University of Oxford

Graduate courses
  • AIMS Modern Control Theory. Lecturer, 2021.
    • This course addresses the main concepts of state-space representation (controllability, observability, stability), optimisation, dynamic programming, and how to use them to design feedback controllers.
    • Students feedback: “Licio in particular was an amazing teaching assistant, he went out of his way to explain concepts thoroughly.’’; ‘‘Licio was a great TA and explained in lots of detail.’’
Undergradute courses
  • B15: Control Systems. 2019,2020,2021.
    • Undergraduate level of an introduction to state-space representation of dynamical systems. Introduction of concepts such as controllability and observatibility, as well as the solution to the LQR control problem and Kalman filtering.
    • Students feedback: ‘‘Licio’s been a brilliant tutor this year. I found B15 quite challenging overall but Licio was incredibly supportive and provided good explanations, and extra little resources during the tutorial which were also very helpful.’’; ‘‘Very good tutor. Even provided his own notes on the subject so as to give us another explanation/description of the topics which was very helpful. Good explainer. He would sometimes ask us to run through a problem on the board which would keep us on our toes, but it’s good to try these out as a student, as you can show him step-by-step what you’re doing which is good for learning.’’
  • C20: Linear Matrix Inequalities. 2019.
  • LEGO Football coursework module. 2019,2020,2021.

University of Campinas, Brazil

  • EA614: Signal Analysis. 2018.